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What is it like living in Conestoga Estates?”

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

As a Real Estate Broker and a resident who has lived in the community since 1998 with my husband, I am often asked the question “What is it like living in Conestoga Estates?” My first response is, “it can’t be too bad if we’ve lived here for 22 years”.

We choose Conestoga Estates because the home we purchased and the monthly lot fees were reasonable. It is an affordable community. The homes in the community have increased in market value over the years making our decision to live and stay in the community a sound investment.

There are 125 homes in the community and even though over the past 22 years we have seen many residents come and go, almost 50% of the neighbors on our street have lived here over 15 years. A large percentage of the residents in the community are seniors and retired however there are also families, single people and ‘empty nesters” still working and calling Conestoga Estates their home. The diverse mix of residents is perhaps one of the things we like about the community.

We find Conestoga Estates a safe and quiet community where neighbors look out for neighbors. We enjoy sitting on our deck in the summer months with a morning coffee or an evening cocktail, listening to the birds sing without traffic noise. Residents will always greet you at the mailbox or wave when you are driving the community roads. If you want to socialize with others, there is a community centre with regular activities to participate in. This is a facility that we have used in the past, however do not use today as we have already found friends here over the years and social more in our homes.

The home lots in the community are large landscaped lots (50’ x 150’ or larger) with double wide driveways and sheds. In most cases there is a sense of pride of ownership and homes are well maintained.

Due to the size of the lot and driveway, clearing snow in the winter, maintained gardens and cutting grass can often be a challenge as one ages. If this becomes too difficult, you can pay for on-site maintenance or you may be fortunate enough to have a good friend/neighbor to help you out. Right now my husband and I rely on the good friend/neighbor.

What is it like living in Conestoga Estates? It is a pleasant experience and we are grateful to have called the community “our home” for so many years.

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